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Jurango's Production Pipeline

How Jurango Is Being Developed

I will be following a well-defined pipeline (process) for developing and rendering this series, as outlined below. Those supporting the series through GoFundMe and Patreon (coming soon!) will be given exclusive access to details regarding the production timeline, production status, and results of set design, scene clips, and music composition.


Pre-production involves a number of activities essential to completing an animation series.


The following are the key products of this stage:

• File structure for development

• Story concept

• Story outline and structure

• Screenplay

• Storyboards

• Scene descriptions

• Set descriptions

• Character descriptions

Grungy Camera Brown

Production involves creating the actors (see here for examples), building the sets from acquired assets, creating the scenes, and doing the computer rendering.

My process involves four distinct activities.

Asset acquisition

Actor design

Scene construction

Scene rendering

Film Slate Marker

With the individual frames of the scenes completed, the final integration of the episodes can begin.

The following detail the key steps involved in releasing each episode of the series.

• Scene sequencing (image strips and audio integration)

• Movie sequencing

• Final quality check

• Movie episode release




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