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The Krellian Empire

The Backdrop

       For twelve hundred years, the great empire of Krell has been the center of commerce, the crown jewel of hope, the uncompromising bastion of peace and prosperity across the known world. But those days have passed.

       Now, decadence, dissolution, and corruption run rampant throughout the empire. Those who rule, everyone from the sixty-fourth empress to the Imperial Council, have turned their eyes inward to the struggling central region, leaving those assigned to protect and defend the homelands to their own devices.

       Enemies beyond the empire's borders -- human, inhuman, undead, and demon -- have sensed the empire’s malaise and are plotting the empire’s downfall. Some with the powerful Leagues of Magic Users have brought news of these bad tidings.

       But the Imperial Council have grown deaf to the leagues’ disquietudes.

Leagues of Magic Users

       The true power within the empire, those given the responsibility and authority to protect the empire's borders, is held by the four leagues of magic users -- the Blades, the Rangers, the Wizards, and the Clerics.
       Vying for power and influence with the empress and her imperial council, the leagues use whatever means at their disposal to gain a stronger foothold: political intrigue, spying, blame, infighting, and bribery to name a few.

       Each league oversees the unique and secretive training of those destined to master specific frequencies of the magic spectrum. But only those who demonstrate true potential graduate and are brought into the leagues. These are called "leaguesmen."

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The League of Blades

      The League of Blades are those who can manipulate the ultra-high frequencies of magic (most grounded in the physical world). Those in this league are notorious for being the physically fiercest of the leagues.

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The League of Rangers

      The League of Rangers manipulate the high frequencies of magic. Their form of magic gives Rangers unique skills in the use of missile weapon combat: bows and arrows, ballistae, cannons, and other mortar equipment.

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The League of Wizards

      The League of Wizards are those who manipulate the mid- to low-level frequencies of magic, and are generally considered the most powerful magic users. Wizards study and practice the more arcane forms of magic, and are especially skilled in wielding powerful spells against their enemies.

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The League of Clerics

      The League of Clerics are like magic-wielding priests: those who manipulate the low and ultra-low frequencies of magic, which give them insights and access into the netherworld: the universe beyond that of the living. Clerics are interested in knowledge rather than combat, and believe that understanding of how the human spirit fits in the universe is the only way to true peace.

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The Entente

      Some within the four leagues of magic users have seen the signs of their nation's failing defenses and the coming tide of invaders, and have called for the leagues to work together if they are to shore up the collapsing Imperial fringes,

      But old habits die hard, and wounds etched deep between the leagues never heal. Most of those closest to the Imperial Palace and the Empress’s ear (the Lords of the Leagues) continue to turn a deaf ear and perpetuate the ancient ways of political and economic intrigue. But not all of them....

    Under the penalty of treason and death, a small and valiant group of leaguesmen have formed a forbidden alliance, setting aside old rivalries to secretively navigate the treacherous waters of inter-league lies and deceit: an alliance fashioned from an undeniable need to shore up Krell’s faltering defenses.

       For the Entente may be all that stands against the looming threat.


      Jurango is a citadel on the far-flung fringes of the Krell Empire. With its long and illustrious history, many valiant heroes and heroines were forged in the fires of epic battles defending Krell. For as long as the empire has thrived, no invading army has ever broken through the outpost's daunting defenses. For this reason, Jurango has long been synonymous with Krell's sovereignty.

      Yet even here, there are signs of decline -- fortifications in disrepair, dwindling supplies, ebbing morale, and a malaise seeping into the very soul of a once intrepid community. For everyone has their secrets.

      And lurking just beneath the surface of Jurango's crumbling ramparts and bulwarks, there are mysteries yet to uncover.



       It is into this setting that Erik, a young and adventurous novice Cleric, soon finds himself. He arrives at Jurango prepared to do his part protecting his failing homeland. But soon, he discovers his arrival has instead set in motion the final stage of a powerful enemy’s long-laid plans for invasion.

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