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Music Recording

Jurango, the Music

I will be scoring the music for Jurango as episodes of the series are produced. You will find some of the OST (Original Soundtrack) and other music of Jurango on this page.

Original Soundtrack to Jurango

I am currently in the process of developing the special sounds that will make the music of Jurango unique! Check back again soon.

Prancing Pony Pub.jpg

Music at The White Horse Pub

Most evenings, you will find a number of citadel fighters, guards, and patriots taking to the pub's stage to pound out a jig or strum a few threads before the food begins flying their way.

Usually, they are well beyond inebriated by the time they take to the stage. And those who crowd the tables and bar are fond of reminding those around them not to listen too closely, because if you did, you'd for sure be hoping these make-shift bands are better with the sword than they are with their instruments!

Midnight MadnessToys in the Cellar
00:00 / 02:28
The Undertaker's JigThe Desert Rogues
00:00 / 02:37
The Keg is EmptyBoys of Jurango
00:00 / 02:00
Castle Garden
Castle Garden


In January 2023, I will begin developing the unique sounds that I am looking to score for this animated series. Until I have something more definitive, here are a few samples of sounds I have been working on.

Check back often as I hope to add tracks every month starting in January 2023.

Ashecombe's Tomb
Amber's Keep
Stroll in the Dark
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