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Help me make this 3D fantasy series as amazing and realistic as I envision it to be!

Do you love watching fantasy movies and shows? Do the shows you watch make you hungry for more? Have you ever wished there were even more good fantasy shows to watch? Here is your opportunity to get in on helping to make this happen.

I now have active Patreon and GoFundMe pages, and am accepting donations of ANY amount. Would you consider helping me out? A donation for the price of a ticket at the movies can go a long way to helping me out!

Donors get the following benefits:

1) Exclusive access giving you an inside look at the story, the scenes, and the music as they are developed.

2) Your name listed on the "Contributors" page of this website, and at the end of each episode.
3) My sincerest appreciation! (Okay, more MY benefit, but still!)

Click on the icons below to go to my funding pages:


Thank you for your support.

You are amazing!!

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