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Casting Call

for Season 1 of the Animated Fantasy Noir Series

The "Jurango" Project

Project Type

Animated fantasy series, with an online release through YouTube. Actors will provide voice and facial expression for animated characters.


Non-Union job. Actors will be compensated based on a calculated percentage of grants, funds, and profits raised from YouTube views.


You can write me with questions and comments by going here.

Project Synopsis

“Jurango” is the tale of one young man’s heroic adventure to protect his failing empire’s homeland, only to set in motion the final stages of an enemy’s long-laid plans for invasion.

Project Team

Jim Hart, Screenwriter/Producer/Director.

Helen Schell, Production Assistant.

The Screenplay

Access to the entire screenplay for Season 1 is available upon request.

Project Length

Six episodes, approximately 30-40 minutes each.

Casting Requirements

  • Actors should live in the Asheville, NC area.

  • Casting is open to all individuals regardless of race, age, gender, or sexuality.

  • Actors may audition for multiple roles.

  • Actors taking the roles of orcs and goblins will need to speak in the characters’ native tongues.

Audition Submission Instructions

  • Use the "TAKE ME THERE!" button below to learn about the characters in this animation series, and about how actors will provide voice and animation for the characters.

  • Download and rehearse the sample script for the character(s) you wish to audition for. NOTE: Each character has a unique script.

  • Record your audition (body movement, facial expressions, and voice) using a HD camera and a quality microphone. Phone cameras should be fine. NOTE: Audition recordings do NOT have to be done in one take!

  • Upload your audition video to an accessible platform (e.g., YouTube).

  • Submit a link to your audition, along with a copy of your resume.

  • Feel free to submit auditions for as many characters as you wish!

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2024.

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